15 yıllık geçmişi ile Türkiye’de kozmetik sektöründeki en deneyimli ve seçkin firmalardan biri olan Selen Kozmetik piyasayı ve ihtiyaçlarını titizlikle belirleyerek ürün çeşitlerini oluşturur. Bu çeşitliliği günün ihtiyaçlarına göre geliştirmeye devam ederek ürün yelpazesini geliştirir.

Company Profile

Selen Kozmetik, established in order to make the innovative personal care products meet the Turkish consumers and to offer the quality products based on the consumers’ needs in the market where it operates in 1997, aims to add the value to the sector with its importer identity in Turkey and to represent the Turkish cosmetic sector successfully in the international arena.

Institutional Structure and Development

Selen Kozmetik, having the transparent and democratic structure, targets the continuous change and development as the institutional policy and always aims to be one step ahead from its competitors. Selen Kozmetik grows with all its employees and earns together with its suppliers, business partners and customers in cooperation with them and is helpful for the society, economy and environment, and proceeds on its way in this direction. Selen Kozmetik, commencing its production and branding works as of 2013, targets to become a brand which competes with the world’s leading brands carrying out the regular market researches through different and innovative product and marketing activities with its brand, URBAN Care.


It aims to become a family targeting to maintain the customer satisfaction which is the critical factor in the company’s achievements, to become responsible against the society and to attach importance to the ethical values and always to gain by creating a working environment that the employees are excited and proud of it, and is sincere and has the open communication. It assumes the mission to become the company which is the most preferred by the customers, partners and employees through a management mentality making investment to the skills, capacities and qualifications of its employees and revealing their potentials.

Social Responsibility

As Selen Kozmetik offers the different beauty and care opportunities, it aims to create the conscious consumers on health and life. It organizes the works and activities which will raise the awareness in women on breast cancer and healthy life and will spread the use of nature friendly products that are harmless to the nature and human within the scope of social responsibility project.

Selen Kozmetik has supported the works on raising the awareness on breast cancer in Turkey since 2005.